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Personal protection architecture.

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Recently a friend of mine told me about the recent covid-19 virus outbreak and his desperate attempts to find a mask to protect himself while traveling by train plus metro to reach the university.

These places of movement can in fact be very crowded, creating an ideal environment for the spread of the virus.

Recall that the abbreviation covid-19 was recently established by WHO (World Health Organization) and is the result of an anagram that stands for CO (crown) VI (virus) D (disease) 19 year of identification.

This project explains in detail the few steps to make a protective mask at home or “do it yourself” level, without resorting to frantic research to purchase.

The necessary materials are easily available in any haberdashery.

In our case, for the realization we used a reinforced microfibre fabric and elastic for tailoring 0.5 cm high.


– fabric 30 x 15 cm
– tailored elastic 30 cm
– stapler for stationery

The manual realization time is about 10 minutes.

Cut a surface of microfiber fabric 30 cm wide by 15 cm high and two 30 cm lengths of 0.5 cm tailored elastic.

Pin the ends of the two 30 cm lengths. of sartorial elastic so as to obtain two elastic rings. Sew the rings thus obtained on the two ends of the cloth previously cut on the 15 cm side. Done.

We will be able to attach the mask to the auricles and use it in our movements. The mask is pocket, reusable and washable.

For its cleaning you can use 75% alcohol (ethanol), or bleach or 1% chlorine-based disinfectants.

Recall that the use of the mask must necessarily be associated with the use of glasses, better if with a large surface. You can also use sunglasses.

The ports where the virus can enter our body are: the mouth, nose, eyes, any exposed mucous membrane surface or even small wounds that have not yet healed.

So after making our public trips and before touching these parts, the hands should be disinfected by washing them thoroughly with soap and water.

Good realization. Luca M.

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